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International Day of Friendship

Happy International Day of Friendship       Friends are an important part of our lives. Without our close friends, we can't imagine life being fun or bearable through the ups and downs. Friendship is often a bond that people cherish forever, regardless of their age.     It is a wonderful bonding experience without which life appears to be boring and dull. Imagine your day without all the people you share details of your day with. How will school be without friends who makes the learning experience more fun and enjoyable. In school, we don’t only learn from our teachers but we also learn from our friends, directly and indirectly. The way they deal with things, react, and behave. Friends help shape our characters and minds. Beside, being there for us when we need them the most. They are the ones who see through us and see our true colors.      Every year on July 30th, the world celebrates the International Day of Friendship. This day celebrates friendship while also encouraging us t

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