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New Year Thoughts

The end of the year marks a stage, a change, a renewal ... It implies that we will move towards something else, that what has been will be no more.  For some, it is the desire to end a painful year, in the hope of better days. For others, it is the nostalgia of all the good that the year has brought. It is also the time to reflect on the past year and to make good resolutions for the year to come. We deploy energy and attention to prepare a welcoming and more beautiful environment than usual. The decoration, the clothing, the meals or the chosen gifts, will be the object of a particular care to honor the event. It is an opportunity for the scattered families to get together to share a moment, to update information about each other. Let’s not get lost in the details of preparing the perfect evening and take a moment to reminisce on the past year’s achievements, hardships and learnings and more importantly reflect on the year to come, our goals, hopes and expectations for it.  With this,

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